Blacklight Color part 2

Fluorescence effect under UV light

In this situation I was forced to develop the “double vision”. A first done in acrylic and a second with the bright colors on top. Two pictures in one. An acrylic painting with its own play of light and shadow, which awakens when the front, first one above, has fallen asleep in the dark (UV light is switched off).

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Why compete with tricks against surprises?
Mural painting is often a race against time because most of the time someone will “allow” you to paint their wall. And they will then stand behind you and wait until you are “done”. The problem with walls are often different subsurface parts, the materials and absorbency of which change your colors during the drying process.

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Painting lessons Nürnberg

To all those interested in the course
all courses and weekend seminars have been canceled until further notice. At the moment only individual courses are possible by appointment.

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