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To all those interested in the course
all courses and weekend seminars have been canceled until further notice. At the moment only individual courses are possible by appointment.

Tel. 0172/8326087  Zbyszek Mrugala

Dates on request.

During the visits of the guests in my studio, they told me about their passion for art. Can I help you with that? They asked me, “Can I show you my paintings?”. You said that you are not very good with color and drawing. I thought about her testimony and memories of my years as a painter and decorator on various construction sites came flooding back. I clearly remember when the painting was full of disappointment for me, because some unfamiliar painting motifs and materials had a bad influence on the picture. By then I had quite a bit of experience with paint and tools, but I quickly realized that using them improperly led to poor results. How much time does it take to ensure that the tool knowledge is sufficient to find a solution to an artistic problem? Probably for life.

In the last 20 years of my work I have developed many methods to work particularly effectively with acrylic paint. This includes experimenting with a wide variety of materials and dynamic brushwork. I will show you these and other topics in my seminars. In my experience, the best way to learn is through active observation and working together.
In addition to acrylic painting, we will also look at a wide variety of drawing techniques, such as working with pastel chalk and charcoal pencils, which I particularly recommend.
Another topic we are going to explore is airbrush painting. What do I need to avoid the effect of the so often seen “folk festival kitsch” and to achieve a higher degree of realism? Telling dozens of years of experience in one evening? Is that even possible? I think so – although an evening can be a bit tight.

At the same time I start working on large paintings in my studio. These are painted on a very solid background. You can paste the paintings on the entire surface of a wall, as usual with wallpaper, or simply staple on the edge of the picture. If the wall is covered with a large structure, painting on such a background will be very difficult. My new technique works well in such difficult conditions. These images are nearly indestructible. If after a while you get bored with the painting, you can just peel it off and maybe even sell it to someone.

I’m convinced that large pictures stretched across an entire wall look just as nice, if not better, than framed, expensive and small pictures.

For everyone who is interested in ordering a picture with a motif of their choice.

Tel. 0172/8326087  Zbyszek Mrugala

or contact

What to expect from short seminars?

Actually, the practitioner can’t absorb too much in the short time, we rumored. One often asks: “Are such projects worthwhile at all?”
My art education at various schools lasted more than 10 years. I finished school, but as a freelance artist I didn’t understand too much about artistic disciplines, I only learned that over time.

For what and why? Maybe I was too young to compete in some of those schools. And I probably had the wrong attitude towards the taught object? So far I don’t understand what blocked me in school. The reason was probably the anonymity and universality of artistic education. Art scholars tiredly came to class to tell us about painting and instead unconsciously discouraged us with our artistic failures.

What have we done?
Like a competition, driven by the ambition, we looked for a competitor in school partners. Now I know that we could easily shorten those 10 years spent in art school. It was enough time to sit down and, without fear of future success, think calmly about what one wants to do and how to achieve it. It is enough to look left and right once and find a clever way of remembering the perceived shape. This way of learning would accelerate each student’s artistic development.
“Why don’t you go paint when you’re already here?” a lecturer once asked me. Because the time in this school was wasted and I didn’t have the courage to give it up. The answer is quite simple, I hadn’t found anything better yet. While painting in my painting studio, I imagined my future group of artists. People of different ages who enjoyed actively performing paintings. Those looking for recipes for individual success, the question of learning something concrete as quickly as possible, of actively starting with the hand themselves. After all, the courses cost something, so please hurry, our precious time is wasting.
The only way out of this situation is to merge the group into one body, cooperation, paint a picture together. Experience directly on the canvas what can be achieved in just a few moments and open up new avenues for the inquiring painter and quick solutions to problems, a quick effect, an artistic transformation.

How do I imagine that? Hold a big brush with me.

Yes! You read it right. Painting with two hands, on a common picture, on a canvas. Are such drastic measures really necessary? Not necessarily, of course, but the experience is worth trying. After the theme of the painting is determined, we paint a color image. In between it is possible to show how and what “I myself” would do. The companion will watch and monitor my steps. This is how you support yours with my experiences. We will paint very quickly, which will allow us to realize a heavy picture in a short time. There will be enough time to also discuss the painting techniques and to improve the picture independently, or even to paint over it as a whole and in this way entirely according to your own intuition. And a theory, or something about the aesthetics? Of course we also talk about this, although thousands of books on these topics are already bending the shelves of the city library.

I become imperceptible while painting, showing the different materials and meanwhile talking about their properties. The theory is not enough to create a good picture. You will still need some exercise to master its use and bypass the burden of knowledge.

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