Creative work

As I was painting pictures on walls stretching to infinity, I felt unhappy about the fact that all
painted over by someone some day. The only evidence for my creative work would be movies and photography.



The great variety of colours on walls in the inner rooms that I painted gave a boost to my confidence and resulted in courageous decisions in the field of aesthetics.
The pictures of my mural painting and the interior space merge into each other, they add colour to the room. They become a significant part of the inner room as they bring the architecture and the furniture into line.

Even when I use an easel for my paintings I try to find means how to achieve the possibly greatest balance between the creative ambition and the demands of the respective interior space. Not every colour and form is congenial to us. There are forms and colours which work as if they were poisonous, they create unrest, cause a feeling that there is no saturation, a feeling of bitterness. Particular caution is needed by the choice of surrounding objects. In my blog I am going to present an extensive documentation of creative work by means of photography und films. Step by step I will explain what is beauty and how to wake up to it for the sake of conscious experience of the abundance of aesthetics to give our hearts pleasure.

Is it possible to retrieve our reality by means of colours in a painting? Yes, it is.

The new studio (address ) enables me to do my painting on large canvas. Hundreds of meters of the floor in the studio have already been covered with paintings which I am going to present in my blog in the next future.

The photos will show the various phases in which paintings are being created and thus will enable the viewer to participate in the creative process. I will also describe my creations as interior designer. I will do this by means of depiction with reference to my 20 years of experience gained while I was working as a painter to give artistic form to the interior of discos and restaurants spread all over Europe.

Thousands of photographs and films will have to be adapted to fit the requirements for readily comprehensive forms. I am patiently waiting for the day on which so many years of my work will become visible to everyone.



Welcome, welcome!
In this section you will find the photographs which document my artistic work.
The photographs from the period of 20 years will be arranged according to subject matter and gradually displayed. They show my work as interior designer in discos and restaurants spread all over Europe.
I hope you will enjoy the successively completed lots of photos.
The thousands upon thousands of photos in ART will help you to develop your own sense of the aesthetic and recognize the significance of colour in our life. The great variety of artistic possibilities to realize transposition can turn out to be a precious treasure for you to learn by experience as you like it.
You are welcome!
In this section I show you those of my paintings which I would like to sell. They will be ordered according to their character and deposited on shelves. It is really hard to part with these paintings, when they get sold, something is lacking in my shop. I have got used to my paintings. I look at them many times and again and again discover something new.
When the work on a painting is finished, i.e. when it meets my expectations, then it is deposited on the shelf.
What should you pay attention to when you buy paintings?
A painting is an investment, some day it may become very precious, if the artist is appreciated. The invested amount of money can multiply in value, but it is only then the case, when the artist is successful. If this is not the case, then the painting you have bought becomes an object that accompanies you. It becomes a part of our world it gives evidence for the character of its owner. My paintings, it is my point of view, should brighten up the interior space of flats and houses. They should give us some cheer in moments of grief. When making your choice, you have to be careful, because the painting must be suited to your flat and make you happy.
Should you intend to buy a painting, you can count on my advice.
I thank you for your visit.

Welcome, welcome!
In this section I want to present films about my painting. I will show you the films recording 20 years of my work as interior designer. Watching these films you will perceive the various phases of my creative work. They demonstrate plainly how the plan for painting is being constructed and how the final result of creative work is being produced. The visitor, who comes to KUNSTARENA, will find it very attractive to watch the artist at work in those moments when the yet not known becomes apparent.
It is in the artist’s studio where the finest paintings are being created. In my studio I can breathe a sigh of relief an enjoy doing my creative work, to give free way to my imagination and to lose myself in the world of dreams.
You are welcome!
Welcome, welcome!
If you wish to get in contact with me, please fill out the respective form. I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as I can. If you have an urgent request to make to me, please call me, it will chat with you with pleasure about arts and problems in this context.
My STUDIO is located in Lauf …
There is also an opportunity to watch me doing my work, to follow the process of creating paintings in my studio. If you wish to give me a visit some time, because you are eager to see how it works, you are welcome.