Once again I had the pleasure to do some mural painting with the blacklight technique. It was an especially large object, but when I entered the room, I got disappointed because the room had only little space to paint on. Even without all the elements and separating walls, the whole room looked small.

While I was painting even more separating walls were installed. This complicated my work even more. I painted the new hallways and tried to make the room look like a labyrinth.

The lighting in such difficult rooms is especially challenging. LED lamps emit very strong light, this way you only need few lamps to illuminate the whole room.

With 20% daylight in the LED light it was possible to emphasize the acrylic color in the murals. This improves the whole brilliancy of the mural. The painted area comes forward with only light nuances.

The details might disappear, but it’s still a better choice than using only black lights.

As the UV lights hang at the sides of the wall, the inner part of the room is dark and requires additional UV lamps.

Using several additional small UV lamps creates an affect of different areas, though.

Painting large rooms requires a lot of discipline and – in times of winter – warm clothes. Large rooms are usually not heated and you have to work very fast if you don’t want to get ill from freezing all day.

Using black light colors changes the created area in a very special way. The paint structure fills empty spots and grabs the viewer’s attention. Suddenly, the empty room has become full with small obstacles. Even the small letters with color stains have changed the overall look of the room.

This time, the special feature is the painted sky. Lightly painted clouds introduce blue color and suggest an open terrain. This is my favorite effect.

While painting the sky it is of uttermost importance to dose the amount of color precisely in order to spray less around the lamps and more in the areas with less light.

A typical feature of the UV painting is the strong brilliance around the UV lamps. If you don’t know this feature and spray the color evenly, you can destroy the entitiy of the sky.

The sky is supposed to look homogenous.

Sometimes the people ask me what colors I use. I buy all materials at Boesner. Their choice of UV colors is not very wide. When I have a large project, I usually buy all colors that are in stock, therefore colors of different producers. There’s almost no difference between the colors.

When you mix UV color with acrylic color, the brilliancy might decrease. But you can compensate this problem by mounting more lamps on the walls.

If you reduce the brilliancy because you want to bring many new details into the mural, you can mount more lights.

I’ve often heard the assumption that the brilliancy of UV colors decreased over the years. I personally cannot confirm this assumption. Instead, it might be possible that open-pored surfaces collect dust. Whatsoever, you can compensate a reduction of brilliancy with additional lights.

Very often you will see strongly luminescent tapes on the walls of a lasertag hall that create interesting lines and divide the area in geometrical forms. This way it is easier to orientate oneself on the playing field during the game.

You will find that the painting in laser tag halls is much rougher in comparison to blacklight minigolf as the lasertag players don’t pay so much attention to the paintings. On the contrary, detailed work is very important in a minigolf hall. The player has to wait for the other player to finish his round and therefore has time to observe the little details of every mural. Even the surface of the paintings is of great importance. I use high-quality varnish in order to create a semi gloss surface. The varnish improves the local brightness and gives the paintings an appearance of an even surface.

After adding varnish the blacklight color is sealed. You can touch the surface of the paintings with your fingers and there will be no signs of diminished brilliancy.

The conservation of the mural is very important. I use Lascoux varnish.

Please take a proper look at all my photos and make use of the ideas for your own purposes. I hope this short description of my work will help you with your own.